Vera Klimova


25.6x21.3 in ~ Painting, Oil

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Two millennia after Christ have changed little in people's souls. However, those living now, looking into history, often think arrogantly about those who huddled in caves or huts, who raced in chariots and built pyramids, those who had no idea about cars or space stations, who did not sit in the evening in front of TV screens. It seems that contemporaries have gone from their ancestors so far in their development that there is no reason to compare them. But have these achievements made man spiritually inspired or does he continue to choke in a swamp of instincts and passions? Of course, the spiritual state of people changed over time, because the Saviour brought to Earth the teaching - the commandments of spiritual life, the commandments of love, which people of the Old Testament did not have.
Ancient Chinese wisdom says: "Look at what you think is important, from the height of an eagle's flight and in a thousand years." I would try to mentally look at everyone's life in a thousand years, at the daily troubles, at those attachments because of which we suffer, worry, and torment, then they would see at once that most of our worries would turn into nothing and would not touch us at all. And if that's the case, why shouldn't we be as critical of everything we do, what we think about, and what values we cherish? Yes, by and large, the most important value is in ourselves, in our souls, and in our minds. Looking deep and attentively into our soul, thinking slowly, we will change our attitude to the hustle and bustle of the day, strengthen our spirit thoroughly, and it will rise in us.


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