Vera Klimova


27.6x19.7 in ~ Painting, Acrylic, Oil


Painting: Oil, Mosaic on Canvas.

According to Castaneda's teachings, the assemblage point is a purely conventional term. “Seers” see the assemblage point precisely as a luminous point on the cocoon of a being endowed with awareness. The position of the collection point is completely determined by the interaction of a person with the world.
Any displacement of the assemblage point leads to the fact that some of the previously involved energy flows go into a passive state, and some of the previously passive ones are activated and become available for awareness.
A slight displacement of the assemblage point leads, relatively speaking, to a change in the point of view on the familiar world; a strong displacement leads to falling into some of the other worlds.
For me, the assemblage point is also the wholeness of a person, a meeting with oneself at a certain point of consciousness.


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