Vera Klimova

BALANCE 2 (2023)

31.5x39.4 in ~ Painting, Oil

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The spirit directs your attention to the cosmos and the planet, to grandiose ideas, to prayer and meditation and other spiritual practises, to the worldview and philosophy of life. The spirit expands your heart and mind, gives you vision and courage, and ultimately leaves you with a steady sense of meaning and purpose.
The soul is more intimate, deep and determined. You take care of your soul, keeping your home, learning to cook, doing sports or playing games, being close to your children, recognising and loving the area where you live.
The soul allows you to be attached to a world that is a kind of love. When the soul awakens, you feel both love and anger, you have strong desires and even fears.
You live a full life, instead of bypassing it with intellectualism or excessive moral worries. The spirit prefers detachment when the soul plunges into attachment to places, people, home.
Both of these aspects are important and valuable at the same time. You don't need to balance them, because the balance is too perfect, the idea of spirit is above all. It's enough to give each of them what they want and need at the moment.
(Thomas Moore)


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