Vera Klimova


23.6x31.5 in ~ Painting, Acrylic, Oil

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“Art will unite humanity. Art is one and indivisible. Art has many branches, but the root is one. Art is the banner of the coming synthesis. And when we affirm: Love, Beauty, and Action, we know that we are pronouncing the formula of the international language. This formula, now owned by the museum and the stage, must enter the life of every day. The sign of beauty will open all the "sacred gates". We walk happily under the sign of beauty. We conquer with beauty. We pray for beauty. We unite with beauty. And now let's say these words not on the snowy peaks, but in the bustle of the city. And sensing the path of truth, we meet the future with a smile. "N.K. Roerich

The painting uses natural stones


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