Vera Klimova

UNITY (2022)

31.5x31.5 in ~ Painting, Oil

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We are all strangers here. Each with his own road, map and inner compass, his own individual history and life pattern... we are all parts of one big infinite space, the World Soul, which cognizes itself through us. We are her cells. Each in itself is a separate Universe, and together (each in its place) we form a voluminous diverse world with a single nervous system, a single consciousness, heart, breath ... The task of the cell is to recognize this unity and, at the same time, its unique nature: “I am as a particle of the whole” and “I am as a unit”. The first without the second is fusion and dissolution. The second without the first - avoidance, alienation, isolation to the extreme ... two facets of one process, like two wings of a bird - one without the other loses volume, completeness and integrity. Where is my place in the pattern of life? What experience am I bringing with my existence right now into the collective consciousness? What mark do I leave with my presence?


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